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Another gem I uncovered while cleaning up were my 2 primary school sticker books! We used to trade stickers, save up for them, get jealous of girls who had the best and most stickers. Every sticker was a commodity, even free ones with cereal:

And the shiny, furry ones, where the SandyLion brand was the most coveted:


I wasn’t obsessed with trolls at all:

And to end it all off, cute kitty cats in the softest setting:

What were your favourite stickers to collect as a kid?


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I had to do a quick pack up of my room in Singapore before flying back to Pittsburgh, and I managed to dig up some of my childhood collections and I just had to share them!

Did you own any of these when you were a kid? These are collections I’ll probably never bear to get rid of. What did you collect when you were a kid?

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