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PicnicSunday has had some milestones lately, our 1st birthday, a wedding and a big move to USA (hopefully this means more great vintage) coming on up! We apologise for the absence and lack of updates but we’re back in full force now. And the best way to celebrate everything and kick start our revival with a great clearout sale! We gotta make way for more fab vintage pieces to put into the shop, so head on down to the shop for almost everything, heavily discounted!

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I’ve never been a big fan of Coach, but I’ve been a fan of the blog blushing ambition for a while now, and her photos. In many of her photos, shes carrying a sling coach bag, which I assumed it was vintage. When I was in USA and on etsy, I always keep a look out for these vintage coach sling bags, but the quality/price/colour is never a perfect fit (ie. good quality but high price and non ideal colour).

Willis On Etsy

However, I started beginning to notice that this range of bag was called the Coach Willis Bag, so it made it easier to search, but I also found out that Coach has made a collection called Coach Classics, remaking and reissuing all the classic bags of yesteryear. And I would actually be happy to carry most of the leather bags on this page.

Snippet of the Coach Collection

Best of all, they remade the Willis, and I ordered it almost immediately, and of course in British Tan. Yum! Best of both worlds, a vintage remake with all the colours available at a good price as well. I actually love a lot of the other remakes as well and would love to get my hands on them, but the Willis will do for now! Even though I’ve a bit slow on the curve, I just had to blog about these great vintage remakes Coach was doing, as you may not see these beauties for a long time after this season’s over.

The Willis Remake


I used to love stuff in H&M whenever I visited Europe during my uni days and Norway when I started work. They had such a variety of stuff and all kinds of diverse designs. However, visiting H&M in HK a few years ago and in USA this year, I find H&M stuff getting more and more vanilla. I think they filter the stuff that goes out to the foreign branches, so in USA its very clean basics and I hoped the Singapore branch wouldn’t be the same.

I headed to H&M one weekday afternoon after a mad trying spree at Topshop Knightbridge (and I love topshop), so going from the great styles at topshop to H&M i wasn’t very blown away by the clothes there. But it was huge! 3 floors of goods means it was definitely more diverse than the branches I visited in US, but yet I couldn’t find anything that stood out enough to me to tackle the changing room queues or to want to purchase. They had very clean classic styles which were not my style but I have to say its a great shopping experience by the sheer volume of clothes there. And it wasn’t very overpriced either which was nice. Here’s some stuff that was quirky enough to stand out to me:

(l->r)The cutest hello kitty ear muffs, deer pullover and a very foxy clutch!

I’m not as excited about H&M arriving to Singapore but due to the size of the store here, I’m looking forward to H&M’s summer collection more next year!


I recently discovered this great street snaps blog, based in New York and San Fran, and that means tons of people decked out in vintage. And going through it, I found so many great examples on how to wear certain vintage pieces, here are some of my favourites:

1. The vintage blouse

Picture credit to SFStyle

Vintage blouses have great versatility! Tuck it into some shorts or pants, or layer it with a cardi, to contrast the blouse or the collar. In Singapore, I love wearing vintage blouses with some denim shorts and its great for weekends.

Shop vintage tops here:

2. Oxfords/Vintage Shoes

Picture credit to SFStyle

I love these 2 looks, so so simple and classic. Their shoes just complete their simple looks. Pair vintage shoes with vintage dresses and a simple blouse and pants and it looks great!

Shop vintage shoes here:

3. The vintage dress

Picture credit to SFStyle

And of course the vintage dress! It’s the simplest statement piece, just accessorise with a belt, a great bag, or with a denim jacket as pictured. Vintage dresses can give you a great overall look and stand out from the crowd.

Shop vintage dresses here:

Happy Shopping!


I was never a big fan of Vans shoes till I set eyes on these pair of shoes, the Camryn.

I own 2 pairs of this, one in Tan and one in Black/Gum. They are the perfect sneaker for pairing with that vintage dress or any floral dress for that matter.

Photos credit to Vans Shop

I bought a pair in US, and a was delighted to find it in Singapore too, so I bought it in another colour. It might still be at the shops. Vans has recently opened quite a few full fledged Vans shops here in Singapore and they were very helpful in helping me get my size. You can find Vans branches in Singapore at Orchard Central in Somerset or at Marina Square!


Love these vintage prints and designs from Marks & Spencer!

So pretty!


Whenever we get the car, one go-to place recently is the Tiong Bahru area. If you go back every few months, there’s always something new to see! Always check out Yong Siak street first, where 40hands started making this street the place to hang. And then Books Actually and the newest shop, Strangelets opened across from them. Stranglets was the new kid on the block, and there were some pretty things to look at.


The signs outside the shop were the most entertaining of all though.

But the gem that opened in a nearby street, Eng Hoon Street, called The Orange Thimble is where we had a really good time. The venue was really comfy, and it was a great break with a great scoop of chocolate ice cream (I want to try Cempadek and Lychee Martini the next time!)

The Orange Thimble

There was an array of cakes, quiches, pastries and coffees and teas. But it was pretty packed on a Sunday, so business was pretty bustling! Around the cafe, they displayed art for sale, and heritage paintings of Tiong Bahru. There were cheaper options like postcards and mugs with images of Tiong Bahru on them too.

Drop by this quirky neighbourhood soon! I predict increasing rent prices and more and more interesting places opening up here soon.


Sharon asked if I would like to join her for MAAD Pyjamas a few weeks ago. Last one i went to was a long time ago when MAAD ran at the same time as fashbash in 2009. This one seemed like a big one with all the publicity, and Sharon sold the $5 drinks and live bands for a friday night seemed like a good Friday night out.

Sorry for the iphone quality pics!

Collected a bunch of namecards there of some really cool stores, first up was Idah Khan bags, pouches and lunchbags, some with really nice retro and vintage prints! She doesn’t have a website I could link to, but trust me, she has some prints that I would love to have on a pouch.

Next was The Girl’s Kaksh, I was on the lookout for an ROM dress and she had a beeeautiful chongsam which I tried but didn’t quite fit. But she also told me about her custom made dresses, so I’m def keeping this in mind nearer the date!

That damned dress I could’t fit! (credit to The Girl’s Kaksh)

The shopping was interrupted by the appearance of the latest presidential candidates Tony Tan and Tan Jee Say (with Nicole Seah tailing) Jiaqi got so excited he almost started salivating. But true, we couldn’t stop staring at them while they were there, they mingled and PRed and Tony Tan even posed for a portrait.

Tony Tan

Tan Jee Say

And then, the. cutest. shop. ever. Momshoo!


After that we hung out with drinks, nachos and a loud loud band, thanks MAAD for the great night and fab shopping!

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