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When we read about coastal settlement in 8 days, we earmarked it to make sure to try it out one day since it was in the east, living in Tanah Merah and all. A few weeks ago, we tried to make a reservation on a Friday evening, and it being fully booked, it made us want to go all the more haha. So last week on my sisters birthday, we made earlier arrangements, and got a table of 7 for a Saturday night!

Coastal Settlement

Upon arrival, it had a really small carpark, so opt for the free valet parking, the one lane outside meant if more than 1 car needs valet, it holds up the whole street. But that’s not a big deal, just the Singaporean drivers honking impatiently behind us. The first impression was pretty good, with the old school decor (chairs and tables), gardens, vintage Volkswagen beetles all over.


Inside, the atmosphere hits you full on with a live singing acoustic duo and the vintage decor continues, with Vespas, retro furniture, and knick knacks strewn all over the place. I have to say I was impressed with the look and feel of the place, it was really nice!


The place was packed with people, so definitely get a reservation if you’re in a big group. We ordered a ton of food but only snapped a few pics of the highlights. (Pictured) The truffle fries wasn’t too gasoliney tasting and was very very addictive, though some of my family found it a bit too salty for their tastes. The salad was pretty good as well, but the real highlight was the Wagyu Beef and Mushroom Pizza, we ate 1 and half of that flavour cause it was so good! Tender pieces of beef, and a mixture of different mushrooms, brought together with sauce that made the pizza very tasty. That pizza is a definite must try!

And to end it all off, here’s a random picture of my lovely brother tasting the weird almost radioactive looking retro f&n that came with the kids meal. But Coastal Settlement is a great place to hang out and chill, the food prices mirror a place like P.S. Cafe, so its not a place you can go too often. Great food, great ambiance in a not-so-secret getaway in the east.

The Coastal Settlement is at:
200, Netheravon Road
Singapore 508529


I don’t really shop at Uniqlo except for underwear and winter essentials, but I was mucking about in Vivocity a week ago waiting for hubby Tan, and being a sucker for vintage and bright prints, I was instantly drawn to the new collaboration uniqlo have with Orla Kiely! I’ve always loved Orla Kiely’s prints, but always felt her stuff was a bit pricey, so a uniqlo collaboration is perfect for the pockets! I grabbed everything I liked and made a dash for the changing room:

I ended up with the red dress (pockets sucked me in!) and a the blue sleeveless top which I can’t wait to wear tucked into a skirt! There’s quite a crazy variety of prints in tops, scarves and blouses available, so do drop by Uniqlo today!


Whenever we get the car, one go-to place recently is the Tiong Bahru area. If you go back every few months, there’s always something new to see! Always check out Yong Siak street first, where 40hands started making this street the place to hang. And then Books Actually and the newest shop, Strangelets opened across from them. Stranglets was the new kid on the block, and there were some pretty things to look at.


The signs outside the shop were the most entertaining of all though.

But the gem that opened in a nearby street, Eng Hoon Street, called The Orange Thimble is where we had a really good time. The venue was really comfy, and it was a great break with a great scoop of chocolate ice cream (I want to try Cempadek and Lychee Martini the next time!)

The Orange Thimble

There was an array of cakes, quiches, pastries and coffees and teas. But it was pretty packed on a Sunday, so business was pretty bustling! Around the cafe, they displayed art for sale, and heritage paintings of Tiong Bahru. There were cheaper options like postcards and mugs with images of Tiong Bahru on them too.

Drop by this quirky neighbourhood soon! I predict increasing rent prices and more and more interesting places opening up here soon.


Sharon asked if I would like to join her for MAAD Pyjamas a few weeks ago. Last one i went to was a long time ago when MAAD ran at the same time as fashbash in 2009. This one seemed like a big one with all the publicity, and Sharon sold the $5 drinks and live bands for a friday night seemed like a good Friday night out.

Sorry for the iphone quality pics!

Collected a bunch of namecards there of some really cool stores, first up was Idah Khan bags, pouches and lunchbags, some with really nice retro and vintage prints! She doesn’t have a website I could link to, but trust me, she has some prints that I would love to have on a pouch.

Next was The Girl’s Kaksh, I was on the lookout for an ROM dress and she had a beeeautiful chongsam which I tried but didn’t quite fit. But she also told me about her custom made dresses, so I’m def keeping this in mind nearer the date!

That damned dress I could’t fit! (credit to The Girl’s Kaksh)

The shopping was interrupted by the appearance of the latest presidential candidates Tony Tan and Tan Jee Say (with Nicole Seah tailing) Jiaqi got so excited he almost started salivating. But true, we couldn’t stop staring at them while they were there, they mingled and PRed and Tony Tan even posed for a portrait.

Tony Tan

Tan Jee Say

And then, the. cutest. shop. ever. Momshoo!


After that we hung out with drinks, nachos and a loud loud band, thanks MAAD for the great night and fab shopping!


Since our date is set for next year, and thinking of where to find the perfect wedding dress. I’m not a fan of the the sparkly princessy gowns popular in this part of town, so I looked to the famous brands for some inspiration, Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier, the gowns were gorgeous! However its Monique Lhuillier’s normal collection that stood out and I saved a few dresses in my phone for those bridal visits.


Love this collection! Very bridal inspired too. Lace may look a bit aged on non models though. Will post updates on that search for the perfect wedding dress.



Hello! Welcome to my personal and Picnic Sunday blog. Thought it’ll nice to welcome you guys with Dylan here (my nephew) in my shades as well as his Cupcake Charlie.

Aside from blogging in relation to my online vintage shop based in Singapore, I’ll be posting my out and abouts in Singapore, and all things I deem pretty. Glad to have you here!

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