From the monthly archives: February 2012

Popped by this new joint at the Botanical Gardens on a rainy Thursday for my brother’s birthday, having been at the 8Q branch quite a long while ago, I was really keen to try this new branch. I can’t really recall, but at the 8Q branch and I remember having risotto which was pretty good. However, I think the Botanical Gardens branch serves up a more simple cafe style menu with burgers, pasta and a few mains, but there’s enough variety to keep everyone happy. Didn’t capture everything we ordered, but here’s 2 main highlights:

Bacon and Sage Wrapped Chicken Leg

This was delicious! I am a fan of smoked chicken, and this is definitely not as salty as a typical smoked chicken you get from a supermarket. It was like snacking on tender bacony tasty tasty pieces of meat. You could clearly taste the bacon throughout the meat and pieces of sage between the bacon and the chicken. I couldn’t stop stealing bits of meat from my husband on this one! The portion was huge as well! But I reckon it may be a tad too salty for some people if you are sensitive to this kind of food.

Cheeseburger with Fries

I opted for the Cheeseburger (which was a steal at $8), I topped up $4 for the fries + drink combo. The burger was really good, but i wished it had more onions! Their fries (called Crispy Fries) had an interesting texture where it was almost glass like and crispy outside and soft on the inside, pretty yummy stuff.

We also ordered the juicy Portobello Salad, Barramundi, Ribs, Steak and soups. One particular favourite was the mushroom soup. Very delish! Some other pros to this place is that its really huge and spacious, and my nephew loved running around and playing with the lights and shadows from the high ceilings.

If you’re heading down to the Botanical Gardens, I reckon Food for Thought is a good spot to chill or rest your tired feet and have some great food and drinks while at it!

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