From the monthly archives: October 2011

I used to love stuff in H&M whenever I visited Europe during my uni days and Norway when I started work. They had such a variety of stuff and all kinds of diverse designs. However, visiting H&M in HK a few years ago and in USA this year, I find H&M stuff getting more and more vanilla. I think they filter the stuff that goes out to the foreign branches, so in USA its very clean basics and I hoped the Singapore branch wouldn’t be the same.

I headed to H&M one weekday afternoon after a mad trying spree at Topshop Knightbridge (and I love topshop), so going from the great styles at topshop to H&M i wasn’t very blown away by the clothes there. But it was huge! 3 floors of goods means it was definitely more diverse than the branches I visited in US, but yet I couldn’t find anything that stood out enough to me to tackle the changing room queues or to want to purchase. They had very clean classic styles which were not my style but I have to say its a great shopping experience by the sheer volume of clothes there. And it wasn’t very overpriced either which was nice. Here’s some stuff that was quirky enough to stand out to me:

(l->r)The cutest hello kitty ear muffs, deer pullover and a very foxy clutch!

I’m not as excited about H&M arriving to Singapore but due to the size of the store here, I’m looking forward to H&M’s summer collection more next year!


A great mix of 12 dresses and blouses are up now! Check it out. 🙂 Click the below image to see it now!

till next time!

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